Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring

Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring

There's no better time to refresh your home than spring — a time of renewal. Transitioning your home from winter to spring may require some adjustments to accommodate the change of seasons. Here are some simple ways to make your home warmer, lighter and more comfortable.

1. Change colors and decorations

Spring is the season of bright colors, and you can add vibrancy to your interior by changing up your decor and switching up vibrant colors. White will have the same effect. The combination of white coffee carafe and coffee mug makes people feel the breath of spring at once.

2. Clean up the room

Spring is the best time of year to clean out your home, removing accumulated dust and debris. This results in a cleaner air, while also reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Add greenery

Placing some greenery indoors can increase air quality, improve indoor humidity, and add a natural aesthetic to a room.

4. Open the window

When the weather warms up, opening windows allows fresh air to come in while also increasing the amount of sunlight that can make a room feel warmer and brighter.

5. Clean Carpets and Floors

Spring is a great time to clean carpets and floors. This can not only increase the cleanliness and hygiene of the room, but also make the room brighter and more spacious.

6. Change bedding

Swapping heavy winter comforters and sheets for lightweight spring bedding can bring a fresh feel to your bedroom.

7. Replace curtains and cushions

In winter, you might opt for thicker drapes and cushions to keep you warm. But as the temperature rises, you may want to replace lightweight drapes and cushions to add a bright and airy feel to the interior.

What are some ways you get your home ready for spring?

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